About BrickStory

We are preservationists by trade and storytellers at heart.

Yes - we believe in preserving the architecture of our historic homes and the integrity of our neighborhoods wherever possible.  But on a much larger scale, we believe in preserving the history of the events that have taken place in our homes - the events that have shaped our lives.  In some cases that will be a historic tale important to our country or our community.  In other cases, it will be the photo of our only child taking her first steps in the living room of our parents' house. 
Whether you've lived in bungalow built in 1975 or a 14 bedroom Victorian mansion built in 1881, your homes have stories to tell and at BrickStory.com we want you to preserve and share your story with us.We want to hear from you though.

What are the stories you have about your house or the houses you have lived in?